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Live longer and be Active with ​a Higher Quality of Life!

At Wellness ETC we are dedicated to maintaining your overall health so you can achieve the highest quality of life possible.  Our philosophy is early detection and prevention of live-altering diseases.  We accomplish this through the use of many diagnostic tools including but not limited to 3D Body Scanning, ultrasound and other non-invasive medical technology.  Too many times patients have died or had life altering cardiovascular events simply because they were not detected early enough to start life-saving treatments. We offer annual exams that will take an intense and close look at your body to ensure steps can be taken to keep you healthier, stronger and to help prevent life-altering events.  Don't wait until it is too late!  Take control of your future!  Let us help you put your healthcare and your future quality of life in your own hands.  We use state-of-the art equipment and tests to monitor your health year round.  Whether you are interested in anti-aging procedures, nutrition or cardiovascular or genetic testing we can provide reliable tests that are cost effective and noninvasive.  

        Contact us today to learn more about taking control of your future.  It is your future, be there!

a division of head to toe laser center 

Guys we have tailored these services just for you because there are a lot of people counting on you being there for a very long time. 

Women Focused Services

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                 with 3D Body Scan and Ultrasound

  • Brain Optimization with Brain Tek Technology

  • Addiction Medicine with NAD Brain Restoration Therapy

  • Nutritional Optimization Services

  • Identify Genetic Health Riskfactors

  • Reverse the Effects of Aging

  • Male and Female Hormone Balancing 

  • hCG Diet - Medically Supervised Weight Loss

  • Allergy Testing - Treat the Allergy not the Symptoms​

Men Focused  Services

One thing's for sure--nothing stays the same here for long. We've got new educational and outreach seminars on a variety of topics important to today's active woman. From child bearing to eating right, we've got you covered.